My name is Justen. Im a cinematographer.

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Where did all these feelings come from, and where can I put them?

Cold. Stoic. Robotic. A Jerk even. He hardly ever shared his true feelings. Only bothering to write or speak his mind when he was truly bothered. He by no means was happy with his life, but he certainly had gotten comfortable. Though it was a sudden change. It was one he hadn’t seen coming. He’d seen her almost everyday for months and thought nothing of her. But then it happened suddenly one day like a light switch. He didn’t really choose to fall for her, infact he had written her off previously. But it seems against all odds he fell for her. It made no sense, the situation entirely complicated, and more importantly fairly hopeless.

And just like that he went from the indifferent rock of a man to either a giggly little school boy or a completely jealous high school emo kid. He reveled in the good times and completely lamented in the other. Emotions so violent and temperamental that they should be institutionalized. Alas now caught between ruining it all or just ruining himself he does not know what to do. Surely he can’t go on forever like this.

He always fell for the ones he couldn’t have. It seems he was destined to have a tragic love life. There are no happily ever afters for people like him.

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Oregon-based photographer Matt Payne creates stunning landscape and nightscape photography. Payne uses long exposures and composites to illuminate the dark night skies and to capture the motion of the stars in visually stunning compositions.